Dec 15, 2012; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels head coach Roy Williams (left) gives instructions to guard Marcus Paige (5) during the second half of a game against East Carolina Pirates at the Dean E. Smith Center. North Carolina won 93-87. Mandatory Credit: Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

UNC Basketball: Another Chapter in the Carolina PG Lore

We, as a society, are obsessed with lists and comparisons.  Never is this more apparent than the end of the year.  Top 10 songs of 2012.  Top 10 movies.  Top 10 top 10 lists.  And comparisons.  When was the last time you described an NFL quarterback without using another QB as the benchmark?  How about describing potential?  If you’re potential upside is Eric Snow, that’s an issue.  (Unless you’re like me and made a team of Eric Snows in NBA Live 97).  So.  When someone asked me if I thought Marcus Paige was as good as Kendall Marshall, I cringed a bit.

Let me tell you first off that Marcus has a tough road.  Remember the guy Kendall replaced?  The bar was low.  Real low.  Historically low.  Adam Boone low.  Zero pressure.  He also benefitted from Zeller.  And Henson.  And Barnes.  Pretty good guys to play with.  All these guys had a decent amount of time in Roy’s system, and knew where they were going and why (most of the time).

Marcus follows Kendall.  Much higher bar.  Kendall is the quintessential pass first point guard.  I’d say Marcus is faster.  Marcus also is more willing to be a scoring option.  The comparison has to end there.  They are different players with different teammates.  Different phases.  This team in YOUNG.  Marshall’s team was prime.  We need to be fair to Marcus.  We need to give him a chance to be him before we wish he were more like Kendall.

Kendall was “Pass Fir5t”.  I’d love to see Marcus adopt the mantra of “Win Fir5t”.  If he does, I think we embrace him not as Kendall’s replacement, but as another chapter in the Carolina PG lore.


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