Roy Williams to Visit with Andrew Wiggins Again Tomorrow

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams and assist coach Steve Robinson will visit with top prospect Andrew Wiggins tomorrow according to multiple sources.

Wiggins is the last uncommitted prospect with an offer from Carolina who is still considering the Tar Heels in the 2013 class. UNC has signed three prospects in the class in point guard Nate Britt, power forward Isiah Hicks and center Kennedy Meeks the Heels class is the #5 rated class in the country, adding Wiggins could push them to the #1 spot.

I wrote a feature centered around what I believe Roy’s recruiting pitch to Wiggins should be, and another focused ont he importance of adding Wiggins now that Duke has added Jabari Parker to the fold.

The Tar Heels have been after Wiggins pretty hard since he stated in the summer that he wanted programs other than the assumed favorites for his services (FSU and UK) to go after him harder. Throughout the process he and those close to him have kept his recruitment close to the vest however they have said repeatedly that rumors of FSU and UK being ahead of everyone else is false. Wiggins has already visited Florida State and says he will visit UNC and Kentucky this spring.


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  • mattie.hamilton

    go heels!

  • Keith Burns

    Let me know when we get him on campus

    • Keeping_It_Heel

      he’s coming in the spring, no date announced yet

  • jessica oxendine

    I really think that if we get him on campus and he see’s all the history that we have a good shot. We have a C,PG,PF, we just need that missing piece. Also now that the dookies have Parker, Roy needs to sell the dook/UNC rivalry as the best in sports because it is. Can you imagine Wiggins at UNC, Parker at Dook? The 1st and 2nd player in the country playing twice a year, it would be a must see!

    • Keeping_It_Heel

      agree, we also play UK next year and he would go head to head with their stellar class

  • Jordan Wilson

    We NEED him for a shot at an ACC Championship and National Championship, yes need.

  • CarolinaRaider

    I’m losing hope because everywhere I read they say he’s either going to UK or FSU…I would vomit if he went to UK!

  • david

    U need to stop reading then ky is probably further out than in this class there now is coming back as they just arent nba ready…it will come down to unc fsu… fsu because of family ties, my gut says he wears unc blue so fare this cycle my gut has been righr every time… I called vonleh and troy backtracker williams ro indiana I also called the julius randle failure he will end up in state u read it here first…. wiggins wants his pt and he wants to play for a national title with the talent we have now and rhe talent coming in he will get both imagine a lineup like this… paige bullock/wiggins, hairston, mcadoo(he will be back) and joel james who after the summer working with sheed jamison hansbrough and other big men will be much improved… mark my worxs wiggins chooses unc… im telling u now he Is ours

    • Keeping_It_Heel

      hope you are right David!

  • Horran Cameron

    Roy is doing a horrible coaching job this season. No disrespect to Simmons and Hubert but Brice and Tokoto deserve more minutes. Roy should have been fine w/Lezz being out. He still didn’t know who to play

  • Darius TarHeel Born Dukes

    I say Andrew’s gonna go to UNC here’s why. Anyone who has their mind made up on going to UK is NOT gonna tell other schools that they want them to take a bigger interest in them. He wont go 2 FSU. He’ll be in his daddy;s shadow the whole time, and most 2nd generation athletes today tend to wanna avoid that. And he’ll basically be carrying FSU. He said he wants to go play against the best. The ACC as of next year will be the most competitive/interesting conference. Esp., w/ SU, ND and Pitt joining. If he goes to UNC, he will be able to continue this rivalry w/ Parker on a nat’l stage in the BEST RIVALRY IN COLLEGE SPORTS against Duke, and UNC will be deep nxt yr. w/ Hicks, Britt & Meeks coming in, and everyone except Dex will be back. They will be potential nat’l title contenders. Its still wide open. Anything could go down, but UNC sounds like the most logical choice.