What I want UNC Coach Roy Williams to Say to Andrew Wiggins

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams is one of the greatest recruiters in college basketball history.  Typically the position I take when debating the recruiting scene as it relates to the Tar Heels is to trust Roy and let him do what he does.  Roy historically does not promise players a starting spot, playing time and he certainly doesn’t promise them anything in terms of designing the offense around them.  In the case of Andrew Wiggins I think it would be wise for him to change that approach.

College coaches never got the chance to recruit LeBron James, he was so good it was obvious he was going to be the #1 pick in the NBA Draft and if the league didn’t change their rules Wiggins would be in the same boat.  Wiggins isn’t just another five star prospect, he isn’t just another #1 rated prospect, he’s a star among stars, the type of prospect that doesn’t come along often.  He’s different and if I’m Roy Williams, I’m going at him in an entirely different way than I typically recruit.  This is what I would say to Andrew Wiggins.

Simply watch a UNC game, we are missing exactly what you bring to the floor a player who can create his own shot in the half court and dominate offensively.  From day one we will center our offense around getting you the ball on every trip down the floor and allowing you to do what you do.

Don’t let Carolinas depth on the perimeter deter you, you are a starter from the day you arrive at Chapel Hill and will play 30+ minutes each and every night.  This is key with Roy’s tendency to play upperclassmen over freshman, Harrison Barnes started from day one but he wasn’t the center of the offense, a player like Wiggins needs to know he will get the minutes and the ball just like he would at a lesser program like Florida State.

Keep in mind these things are in addition to the typical recruiting pitch of coming to a legendary program, play in the same building Michael Jordan used to play in and all that.   With Jabari Parker going to Duke the Tar Heels need a big time star that can take over games and the only one that fits that bill is Andrew Wiggins.  I’m a firm believer that this seasons UNC team will turn things around and I really like the 2013 recruiting class and next years team could be very very good as the current team matures but Andrew Wiggins makes them a national title contender and that’s why Roy needs to alter his approach and go after Wiggins harder than any he has for any prospect in his career.

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