Mar 3, 2012; Durham, NC, USA; Duke Blue Devils fans also known as Cameron Crazies taunt North Carolina Tar Heels forward Harrison Barnes (40) as he takes the ball out against the Blue Devils during the first half at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

UNC Basketball: The Best Time of the Year

I’m watching a tiny snowflake fall slowly to the ground outside my window.  Just a single snowflake.  As word spreads of this snowflake, traffic will grind to a halt throughout North Carolina.  People will park their cars right in the middle of I-40 and walk because, well, it’s just too dangerous to drive.  I love North Carolina.  They say there are two sure things in life.  Death and taxes.  I’ll add another sure thing.  A single snowflake can cause everything in North Carolina to stop.

I love this time of year.  We’ve feasted on the appetizer of non-conference play in basketball.  The UNC Women’s Soccer Team has most likely (as they did this year) taken home yet another National Championship.  Carolina is coming off of a bowl victory (theoretically, of course).  We are almost to a new year.  A new chapter.  And ACC play.  The grinding evil that is the ACC beating up on each other for no fewer than two straight months (and change).  Sunday basketball.  It’s enough to keep us warm during the cold months.

The more I think about it, the more I’m completely convinced that North Carolina could care less about snow.  We could drive in it.  Honestly, we wouldn’t bat an eyelash.  But we have more important things to attend to.  ACC conference season.  Really love this time of year.  My least favorite month is April because its the longest possible time until more college basketball.  I’m ready.  In the immortal words of Bart Scott, “Can’t Wait!”

What else do I have right now?  Bobcats are.  Well.  The Bobcats.  Panthers are mediocre (to be kind).  So yeah.  This is as happy as I could be.  New Year.  And the shortest possible time until ACC basketball.  I’m so excited, I may have to call out of work tomorrow to make sure I have my lucky sweatshirt ready and all my pre-game routines down.  I did see a snowflake after all.

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