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Beyond the End Zone: Haley's New Years Sports Resolutions

Every year I make a promise on new years eve that I will not make any ridiculous resolutions that I can never live up too.  This year I am scrapping that idiotic thinking and promise several things that I will no longer do in 2013.  You may find some things that will apply to your daily sports life too, but I doubt it because then you would be on my brilliant sports mind and Dr. Sheldon Cooper would say that’s preposterous.

Resolution Number One: No More Criticizing Cam Newton

Apparently if one has the opinion that is not favorable toward Cam Newton keepingitheel.com write Ben Williams will stalk your page and make your life a living hell.  Although facts and reason may support any argument you make Cam Newton has a cult like following that is scarier than Ryan Kelly in a vampire costume.  Williams and other twitter followers sit around like political spin control searching for Cam Newton and harassing any critical tweeter out there, and it has worked  because quietly Newton has been able to play well the last five weeks while his critics were held at bay. From now on Mr. Newton has my support and hopefully his followers will leave me alone.

Resolution Number Two: No More Tweeting Skip Bayless  

Like reading the News and Observer somethings are just a waste of time and responding to idiotic things Skip Bayless says on First Take or in his tweets is equally a waste.  I think I have been like a desperate little peon hoping to increase my twitter followers with a spar with ole Skip.  To help me out feel free to follow me on twitter @mandmsportshow. Yes this was a shameless plug, but isn’t this whole post shameless.

Resolution Number Three: No More Criticizing Roy’s Rotation

Seriously Matt Hamm and Ben Williams takes care of this enough. If I did it Roy may even comment in a press conference he knows more about rotations in his little pinkie than we do in our entire lifetime.

Resolution Number Four: No More Being Nice to the TobaccoRdMayor

Wait I can’t do that he is the only rational Duke fan I know on Twitter. I do suggest UNC follow the Mayor.

Resolution Number Five: No More Explaining Why Bryn Renner Should Start at QB

Yards: 3356  Completion Percentage: 65.8% Touchdowns:28 Interceptions:7….. This is Renner’s team so shut it!

As Tony Kornheiser Mike Wilbon do their percentage of things happening each week I give my resolution list a 17% percent chance in honor of Matt Hamm’s percentage of wins in words with friends with the local fifth grade class.

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