Jan 16, 2011; Atlanta, GA, USA; Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets guard Maurice Miller, bottom, tries to maintain possession of the ball as North Carolina Tar Heels guard Leslie McDonald (2) attempts to get a jump ball during the first half at Alexander Memorial Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Josh D. Weiss-USA TODAY Sports

What Needs to Change in College Basketball

I’ve never understood the alternating possessions rule.  I get the rule itself.  Held ball and we take turns who gets possession.  I just don’t understand the purpose of the rule.  I mean, I get it in Y ball when there’s a tie-up whenever a kid isn’t tucking the ball like Barry Sanders and making a beeline to the wrong goal sans dribbling.  It moves the game along.  But at a University level?

I may be showing my predilection for post play.  I like good guard play too, but I have a real soft spot in my heart for a finesse center that still plays with power.  What I hate is when a six foot guard flings himself across the arms of a seven footer and fouls the post player no fewer than 32 times but at one point accidentally touches the ball and a held ball is called.  That’s garbage.  Know how to clean that up?  Jump ball.  That’s what it was always called.  That’s what I still call it.  Held ball is more appropriate in the Cliffs Notes version of Cinderella.  Not a basketball court.

Think it would slow down the game?  I don’t.  I think it would speed it up.  We wouldn’t have these ridiculous point guards throwing themselves into a power forward hoping for a call when the best case scenario is they get embarrassed in the jump circle.

While we’re at it, let’s talk about flopping.  I can’t stand it.  Let’s not sit here and pretend that we as Carolina fans are completely innocent of the infraction.  Tyler Hansbrough (said with all reverence afforded an All-American) did a bit of embellishment of contact.  In his defense, he played a physical style and got fouled a lot.  See?  I’m already justifying.  I’ll step away.

Bring back the jump ball and lets all get together and figure out a way to end flopping.  I can’t pass up taking a shot at Duke here, so here goes.  During an afternoon game where Duke was playing someone in the mid tier of the ACC, my buddy looks over and says “even odds that Duke has no fewer than two daytime Emmy nominations for today’s performance.”  Great line.  But we have to admit that we’ve done it.  They’ve done it.  Everyone needs to stop it.  You get those two things under control and I think you’ll be in awe of the fluidity the game suddenly takes.

Thanks for following my meandering path on what I’d like to see change in college basketball.  What I’m curious about is how would you clean up flopping?  Leave a comment in the comment section (seems an appropriate place for em) and lets talk it out.

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