Dec 15, 2012; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels head coach Roy Williams watches a replay on the video board during the second half against the East Carolina Pirates at the Dean E. Smith Center. North Carolina won 93-87. Mandatory Credit: Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

UNC Basketball: What Is There for the Tar Heels to “Buy Into?”

In a press conference after the Tar Heels got crushed by an unranked Texas team, UNC Head Coach, Roy Williams, said, “I’ve got to do a heck of a lot better job and they’ve got to buy in.” If Williams is admitting that he is not doing a great job of coaching them, then what is it exactly that he would like them to buy into?

As history has shown, just because a team has superior athletes in baby blue uniforms, does not guarantee a final four contending team. (Please see 2009-2010 NIT runner-up season) Maybe Williams would like them to buy into the senior leadership on the team? There has been none of that either. Junior Reggie Bullock has been the only player that has been vocal about the Heels’ problems thus far. Bullock’s main rip to the team has been that certain unnamed players are selfish and worried more about individual statistics. The “Blame Game” never got a team anywhere. Maybe Williams just plays the team a video of their game against Mississippi State where they shot 15-32 from 3-point range and just hopes the team will buy into better shooting.

This year’s North Carolina Tar Heels have no identity, poor shot selection and no “go-to” guy. James Michael McAdoo was supposed to be that guy this year but he has been incredibly inconsistent. Brice Johnson seems to be a better option in the paint right now.  One thing that it seems that UNC has bought into is turnovers. They had 18 turnovers against Texas, many of which were simple mental mistakes. The biggest thing that the Heels are missing this year is defense and hustle.

The Tar Heels need to stop worrying so much about the offensive end and work on their defense. Defense is what they need to buy into. UNC has been leaving shooters wide open, not moving their feet and their transition defense has been abysmal. A lot of defense is pure hustle which Carolina has not been displaying any of lately. This goes against Williams’ “run and gun, we’re just going to outscore you” offense, but Williams need to realize this team does not have the offensive punch of years past. They are lucky they beat ECU since UNC gave up 61 second half points!

Defense. Williams needs to get the team to buy into defense and that will improve the team dramatically. The offense will come with time and more player development. If the Tar Heels buy into hustling and giving it everything they have on defense, it will open up fast breaks and enthusiasm on the offensive end. They only have two games left before ACC play. Luckily, hustle is something you can fix quickly, normally with a bench.

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  • Charles Haynes

    Mr. Martin is obviously in the wrong profession. Why not turn in your ipad and get a gig on the bench. Surely anyone with your vast knowledge can get a job at one of the 2-3 best bball schools in the country. Surely anyone so much more qualified than Roy Williams to say what a team needs should be coaching, not writing. I’m sure Ol Roy appreciated you pointing out the importance of defense as it probably just went right over his head. Now that you’ve identified them I’ll bet he can go out there and fix all those problems! Some articles should never be printed…this is one of’em!

    • M & M Sports Show

      Roy himself said the team has not bought in this year. Of course Roy knows what he needs to correct, but the opinion of this post is just that an opinion. It is pretty obvious that this team cannot out score other teams just as the 2010 team could not either. Roy did not change their style until the end of the year and they had played into the NIT. This team needs to be better on defense because just as we saw in the Texas game there were too many possession we worked for a good shot and then just let them run down the court for eay transition buckets. That has to change or NC STATE and Duke will run UNC out of the gym.

    • Keeping_It_Heel

      Making statements like this really make no sense to me. If sports writers didn’t critique things then what would the industry be exactly? Should we spend all our time patting Roy and all of Carolinas sports programs on the back for a job well done when obviously the team is struggling? I could understand if Rich was calling for Roy’s job or showing blatant disrespect but that’s not what he’s doing here at all.