UNC Basketball Recruiting: Why Andrew Wiggins is the Tar Heels Missing Link

The North Carolina Tar Heels are talented enough to make a serious run this season if they can get it together in time but we’re not here to talk about this season, we’re here to talk about 2013.  In 2013 the biggest thing missing from the UNC is the same thing that is missing right now, offensive creativity in the half court.

That’s why top prospect Andrew Wiggins is the missing link to a title run.  Wiggins is currently considering Kentucky, Florida State, Kansas and Carolina and will take official visits to Lexington, Lawrence and Chapel Hill after already visiting Tallahassee.

Looking at the roster the lone player everybody assumes will be headed to the NBA is James Michael McAdoo and while losing his talents will be a big hit to the roster UNC will be fine inside.  Freshman Joel James and Brice Johnson are proving to be immensely talented with lots of upside and will be joined by five star prospects Kennedy Meeks and Isiah Hicks next season.

On the perimeter the Heels are already stacked and even if they lose somebody to the pro’s they will be fine numbers wise but they will still be missing that one key element.  You guessed it, offensive creativity, somebody that can take over a game all by themselves, somebody you can hand the ball to and ask them to get it done against anybody in the nation.

Andrew Wiggins is the best prep prospect since LeBron James in my opinion and I believe if the Tar Heels land him they will be one of the favorites to go all the way and cut down the nets regardless of how good of a class Jon Calipari puts together down in Lexington.

Many still believe despite Wiggins and his high school head coaches assertions that he will end up at Kentucky or Florida State, that it’s a foregone conclusion, I do not.  I believe this young man wants to make his mark in the college ranks, he wants to be the man at a program good enough to win the national title.  I don’t think he can necessarily be “the man” at Kentucky considering the type of class they have already put together and the strength they are likely to have at his position.  He can’t do it at FSU, the Seminoles will not be a real contender with or without him and I don’t think Kansas has a serious shot either.

Claiming to know something would be foolish so don’t get me wrong here, neither I or anybody knows what this kid is going to do but I will make this statement the Tar Heels are a real contender for this kids services and they will be a powerhouse with him and that’s something he’s smart enough to realize, don’t be surprised if Andrew Wiggins is wearing Carolina Blue next season.


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