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High School Basketball and Why It Shouldn't Be on ESPN

I was flipping through the channels last night after a long day of, well, everything. I’m clicking through to get to ESPN. Maybe it will be a college football or college basketball game. Maybe it’s going to be a bowl-preview game where I’ll learn more about the Jelly Doughnut Bowl or something. Maybe it’s NASCAR. All of these, I can somewhat get behind. Instead it was high school basketball. I was upset and downright annoyed. Let me tell you why.

1) There are no future Tar Heels on either team

Let’s be honest, unless you’re in high school or that’s your alma mater, you really couldn’t care less about high school ball. That is, unless, your future recruits are on the team. I drop everything if that’s the case. You know why? It’s a preview of what value they can bring to your team. You get to see the diamond in the rough before Roy Williams polishes him up. The young player’s natural, raw talents are on display for all to see.

2) The competition is laughable

I once saw highlights of Dwight Howard in high school. He was a foot and a half taller, huge, and spent the entire three minute highlight dunking. Then, I realized he was literally dunking on a team of Doogie Housers. These guys were wet noodles. They were standing back watching him more than I was. Until a guy gets in front of some actual senior defenders, there is no reason to believe he’s any better than you when you’re beasting your fifteen-year old cousin in the driveway.

3) Their teammates worship the ground they walk on

Everyone knows when someone from your high school gets a scholarship. It’s immediate news throughout the hallway. A superstar is crowned at 17. When this happens, the stands get fuller and there is an energy throughout the building. The star player gets the majority of the attention and touches on the court. Let’s put it like this, the majority of high school players with scholarships aren’t coming off the bench. Plays are run through them. They are the focal point. When they enter college however, that’s normally not the case. They ride the bench. It’s a completely different animal.

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