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UNC Basketball: Recruiting Backlash

Once again I’m hearing the same complaints from Tar Heel fans “Roy has lost it” “We can’t get five star recruits anymore”.  Oh how the memory has failed some of us, it’s sad really.  Player rankings are very subjective, they are the opinions of people who run recruiting services or national websites, not the coaches who are fitting them into their system.

The excitement over the commitment of center Kennedy Meeks a five star prospect lasted about a half hour before people started talking about how Roy couldn’t get Andrew Wiggins or how the 2012 and 2013 classes aren’t as good as what Calipari has produced at Kentucky.  It’s almost as if nobody wants to recognize the fact that Meeks, Isiah Hicks and Nate Britt propelled the Heels to a top five ranked recruiting class.

Remember the 2012 class that everybody hated?  Of Marcus Paige, JP Tokoto, Brice Johnson and Joel James, nobody thought Johnson could contribute immediately because he’s too skinny, now he looks like a star.  Everybody said James was too heavy, Tokoto was just another athlete that can’t shoot and Paige just isn’t Kendall Marshall all of them look like they are going to do just fine.  Yet the class was ranked #8 overall in the nation and is looking a lot better that early on.  Looks like Roy knew exactly what he was doing with the 2012 class, but they were all four star prospects and that’s what everyone seems caught up in.

Don’t get me wrong here, I would LOVE to see Wiggins in a Tar Heels uniform and it just may happen, and yes if UNC wants to be a national title contender next season, adding Wiggins would significantly improve those chances.  And just so we’re straight with each other, five star prospects are nice and I wouldn’t mind seeing a few walking around the campus in Chapel Hill.

I’m not a blind supporter of Roy Williams, I get frustrated like most at his time out strategy (or lack thereof) and I’ve come right out and criticized his rotations this season.  But I respect the man for what he has done and what he’s currently doing as a great coach who just so happens to be in the Hall of Fame and one of the greatest recruiters in history.

What I really cannot wait for is when the next big time prospect like Harrison Barnes (whom everyone said UNC had zero chance at until he Skyped Roy and said he was coming to Carolina) it should be fun listening to everybody suddenly sing the praises of Roy and talk about how good of a recruiter he is.  Well look at that now I’m waiting anxiously for the same thing.

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  • Cliff Potter

    Barnes is a great example. A star who did not pan out as much as he was ballyhooed. Coaching is after all a part of the equation. And being coachable. With Kentucky gone from the Top 25, we know that great classes can fail because of their maturity. I think Roy has done a great job this year with an incredibly ponderous center and lack of defensive maturity. As he said, taken in increments we will see.

    Go Heels.

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  • Dereck

    I’m just sick of him acting as tho he his having sooooooo hard of time deciding the starting 5 or the center/pf spot..lets be clear y the hell is Hubert even in discussion to start? What can he being doing in practice vs Brice and esp vs Joel James? James is a natural 5 back to the basket guy! Try him for a few games not switch every game! u got to try and get some reps with that as your starting unit in game situations! Brice seems the more talented of the 2 but b/c of size i say try Joel for a few games and see what happens! And we all know Dex gonna be the freakin 2 guard y idk but he is even tho any coach in the country would try PJ at the 2 and they would open up the floor down low b/c he is a threat and WILL and CAN shoot…UUUUGH goodness

    • Keith Burns

      it’s pretty clear that James is not the answer YET. He is lost right now. Part of the problem is a lack of options because we have only 10 TRUE scholly players due to Roy missing on several key bigs the last 3 years.