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NCAA Basketball: Why in the World do we have 2 Top 25 Polls?

The North Carolina Tar Heels dropped to 20th in the rankings if you pay attention to the AP poll or they are 16th if you prefer the USA Today Coaches Poll.  The discrepancies start pretty early in the polls with Florida and Louisville flipped around at #5 and #6 on the polls. How stupid is this?  Why do we have two polls?

How can a team be in the top 25 on one poll but not on the poll at all?  The differences between the polls are simple, The AP or Associated Press poll is voted on by the media, more specifically 64 sportswriters and broadcasters from across the country.  The ESPN/USA Today poll is voted on by the USA Today board of coaches which is made up of 31 coaches at the Division 1 ranks.

The fact that we have two polls is just another example of how things are stupid sometimes in college sports.  The BCS in college football is the dumbest thing ever in sports but we won’t get into that now I’m just naming it as an example.  Nothing will ever be as stupid as the BCS and a computer deciding who goes to the national championship game (which won’t really change when the four team playoff format comes, the computers will still decide who the four top teams are).

But when a co-worker asks you hey where are the Tar Heels ranked this week?  And you have to say “Well 20th and 16th”.  How stupid does that sound?  College basketball needs to do one of two things, combine the polls and have the coaches and media members vote in the same poll or they need to get rid of one of them.  Until that happens the weekly polls are an embarrassment period.

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