Nov 27, 2012; Bloomington, IN, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels coach Roy Williams talks to his players on the bench during a game against the Indiana Hoosiers at Assembly Hall. Indiana defeated North Carolina 83-59. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

UNC Basketball: Team Will Not Improve Until Defensive Effort Intensifies

I wish ESPNU had a coaches cam that I could record on my DVR while watching the game so that I could go back and watch North Carolina head coach Roy Williams’ antics in their game Saturday night against UAB at the Dean Dome.  Roy went ballistic a couple of times throughout the game he faked the Bobby Knight punt of the ball after a silly turn over by Dexter Strickland in the second half with UNC decisively ahead.


But most notably he ripped his jacket off in rage and slammed his clipboard on the ground so hard that PJ Hairston estimated the pen attached to the clipboard bounced in the air 30 feet.  This time, Roy was ticked off about a recurring problem the Tar Heels have been having this season, one that is easily correctable if the team as Roy puts it just does what he tells them to do.

To put it lightly the team was playing lazy defensively, not getting back on defense after, failing to close out on a shooter, allowing an uncontested shot to the very player who brought the ball up the court.  All these things have become the trademarks of this teams struggles.

Roy is a very passionate coach, one that freaks out on the from time to time, nobody would ever mistake him for Bobby Knight.  That blowout has been building up because Roy knows what I’m about to tell you, this team cannot get away with that type of lazy play, and like most fans reading this post Roy is disgusting when he sees that type of lazy play from players wearing a North Carolina jersey and that feeling compounds as that type of play increases in frequency.

After a missed shot in which the opposing team secures the rebound it has become common place for players lurk around the ball like it’s better to make a half hearted attempt to steal the ball back then it is to get back and defend.  Far too often the team goes into their home run trot giving the offense a chance to push the ball, shooters to get into position and even when the offense fails to score they are in better position to grab an offensive rebound.

Without hustle and heart on the defensive end talking about any other deficiencies on that end of the floor are pointless.  This is a problem that must be fixed immediately, making mistakes is fine, a lack of hustle is not.


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