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NCAA Conference Realignment Pipe Dream

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Conference realignment strikes again, and while the names are changing around, what we get at the end of the day is the ACC is likely going to continue to be the perennial power in basketball, and may accidentally make some noise in football, but I doubt the SEC is looking at the defection of Louisville from the Big East to the ACC as the key to upending their East Coast (and arguably nationwide) football dominance.

Moreover, the conferences are really, really missing a huge chance. It works in Europe for soccer. That’s right. I’m talking about a relegation league. Big East and ACC. Heck, throw in the Big South to keep things really interesting. Can you imagine the revenue that would bring to smaller schools like UNC-Asheville if they somehow made it all the way up to the ACC? How about that mid-February boring game between two bottom third of the conference teams? I’ll admit to taking a nap through many games like this. Think the threat of relegation wouldn’t add a little pep in the step? Encourage a little more hustle? I can tell you this, I’d postpone the nap.

How would we do this? Would we have the entire school relegated? Would it be individual sports? Maybe. I dunno. Its not my job to dwindle on the minute details. It is my job of poking and pointing and saying “wouldn’t it be cool if…”

The answer is yes. It would be cool. It would be good for the landscape of college sports. It would be immensely interesting to fans. It will never ever ever ever happen. But who knows. Colleges are changing conferences so much right now its kinda like a relegation league, only no one knows what the premiere league is and no one really knows what they’re doing or why. (They’re trying to follow the money). So if your argument against a relegation set-up is that it destroys the integrity of the conferences, well, the conferences have done a pretty spot on job of that all on their own. Yeah, its a pipe dream. Maybe even a longer shot than that. I have a better probability of winning the lottery than this happening. But wouldn’t it be cool if…..

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