Comedy Show: Maryland’s ACC Exit

“No future Maryland athletic director will ever have to look in young men’s and young women’s eyes and say you can’t play here anymore.” That’s Maryland’s athletic director, Kevin Anderson on why Maryland left the ACC. You know what I call it? Dirty, grubby, greed with a capital G. I call it a tragedy. I call it a mistake. Here’s why.

1) The reason is obvious to everyone.

Who wants to see Maryland-Minnesota? How about Wisconsin-Maryland? Anyone up to buy tickets for Terrapins-Hawkeyes with me? There is about cold cash. Nobody wants to go see these games. This is all about the TV deal that Maryland could stand to make a 24 million cut of the Big 10 pie. ACC offers about 17 million. That’s why.

2) Maryland’s 17-member Board of Regents approved it, non-unanimously. Without student or alumni input.

The University of Maryland is an ACC charter member. It’s true.  They were one of eight teams to form the conference in 1953. That’s 59 years ago. So you’re telling me that 16 or fewer big wigs voted the Terrapins into another conference? For more money? It will hurt them long term. If I was a freshman this year, you’re telling me I’d be rooting against Dook this season? And in my junior year I’d be rooting against the Northwestern Wildcats? What a mess.

3) What about all the other sports besides football?

This is the most short-sighted part of the decision. This move out of the ACC will help them, financially, in football. What about every other sport? They will lose the tradition “schedule-circler” type of game. Maryland fans won’t be able to chant curses at J.J. Reddick when he shoots free throws. Who are they going to chant curses at now? They might be asleep. I know when I watch Big 10 basketball, it normally turns into nap-time.

4) Aren’t they going to lose in Big 10 football?

This is the good part. Maryland’s not really concerned about that–they’re pretty used to getting waxed by the opposition. Bah-zing.

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