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UNC Basketball Recruiting: System vs. Stars

Is it in a college basketball programs best interest to recruit towards the system and the program that they want to build or just get the best possible players they can?  On the surface it seems like a pretty easy question. But when you stop and think about it, it is the hardest question to answer in today’s college basketball world.

Obviously there are school like Kentucky that will recruit any and everyone as long as they are highly ranked. The system is shaped around the players and not the other way around. Also at UK they don’t seem to have to much concern about a players
background, academics, or the people that may be involved with the young man’s recruitment. Certainly UK isn’t the only school that takes this approach but they are clearly the most high profile because of their success in recruiting top 10 talent every year and the results on the court.

Roy Williams has taken a different path. Sometimes to the chagrin of UNC fans. Roy does evaluate talent but he also evaluates the person. Also in his evaluation of talent he quickly makes a decision on the players ability to fit his system. Roy wants good players but not good players that don’t fit his system. Roy also wants character guys who will make the team just as good off the court as on the court. The locker room dynamic, as UNC fans know all too well, is just as important to a teams success as their on the court relationships.

Roy doesn’t go after every high ranked player. There are three reasons for it, either the player doesn’t fit his system, doesn’t fit his character requirements, or just doesn’t like UNC. Roy goes after the players he likes and the guys that he believes like UNC enough to give him a legit chance to recruit them. Some fans may feel Roy doesn’t go after enough of the high profile players but Roy has his way of recruiting and when Roy wants a kid that kid is going to get a TON of Roy’s time. He just can’t recruit everyone.

Lately many may feel Roy’s recruiting is struggling. I have even become a bit frustrated but I ask UNC fans have patience. Roy will likely finish with a class of two 5 star players and one 4 star PG would will be coming off the bench his freshman year.  There may be another surprise in the class but I would say a three man class is the best bet. Roy will have anywhere from 4-5 scholarships to offer in 2014 and he already has his sights set on some of the best in the class. Yes he has missed on more high profile prospects lately then UNC is use to seeing. Remember though Tar Heels Roy has two rings and was a dirty play by a thug from having three. He knows what it takes to win.  Just because he isn’t doing it like Cal doesn’t mean it is the wrong way. It is possible even in this day in age to win and also have character, and after all wasn’t that the way that Dean Smith taught us.

As for this year sit back and enjoy it is going to be an exciting ride!

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