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Time to Fire Tom O’Brien After Cavaliers Crush Wolfpack?

NC State with a 5-3 record and with a little luck could have played for the ACC championship.  This was the statement that I heard prior to yesterday’s game versus Virginia kicked off.  The Cavaliers dominated the Wolfpack from start to finish holding what looked like an explosive offense at North Carolina to only six points in front of a shell shocked NC State crowd.

This game tells us a few things about NC State and is a reflection on the ACC.  To start with it appears the pack have quit on Tom O’Brien.  After the North Carolina loss you would expect a veteran team to regroup and take out their frustrations especially versus an opponent who has failed to win a game in the ACC. Granted Virginia is playing its best football of the year, a team with senior quarterback leadership should not be run out its own stadium.

If Debbie Yow is going to make a coaching change she needs to fire Tom O’Brien now versus wait until the end of season.  Waiting to the end decreases NC State’s options for replacements and it avoids the emotional response an athletic director can have should the Wolfpack regroup, make it to a bowl game in which they win.  O’Briens contract is up in 2013 and the last thing the fan base will respond well to would be a rebuilding year under O’Brien with a new quarterback.  Will the Wolfpack make a change? Only Debbie Yow knows this answer, but the seat under Tom O’Brien if it was not hot yesterday morning became engulfed in flames around 4:00 PM yesterday afternoon.

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  • Benjamin Williams

    I hope not, the way this guy recruits he is the second best thing to happen to UNC other than Larry Fedora. The longer O’Brien stays the better for UNC because the more the talent gap will increase. I hope they don’t fire him.

    • cardiacpack

      except the talent gap has been large for the past six years where ncsu went 5-1 against the tar heels. i think the best thing to have happened to UNC was not enforcing proper academic requirements for their football team. just saying.

  • tar!nation!cj

    I dont understand why but at same time I do understand why. TOB while being a total jacka** at times is a good football coach. State fans need to stand down on this one. Just lost to its self proclaimed #1 rival and now staties want TOB burned at the stake?! On the other hand I do get why they want change all of a sudden…..they want what Carolina has now…..a spread offense oriented head coach. Much like when Syndek was winning consistently it wasnt good enough because Carolina was running up.and.down the court scoring 100 points while state was a mere half court boring team……but they won 20 games a year. Bottomline its yet another case of severe Butt Hurt on the part of staties……

    • Pacman

      You are so far off base you might as well be on the moon. State fans could really care less about what happens at unc-cheaters on the hill. What state fans are tired of is mediocrity and a lack of fire and passion for the game and fan base. Give us a coach that will stop at nothing to win or at least give his team a chance to win . TOB is a good man and runs a clean program and we are very proud of him for being that way and wish to continue that with the next coach but his lack of recruiting ability and ultra conservative style of play just isn’t working. Maybe some schools are happy with 7-8 wins a season and a bowl game but we know we can have so much more. AD YOW is the best thing to happen to Wolfpack athletics in the past 25 yrs. and it’s not only State fans that know this, she will make the correct choice at year end if not sooner about the next football coach and I promise you it will not be a Fedora clone. Tarhole fans should just admit that they are little worried that the status quo is being unraveled . With AD Yow at the controls the future of Wolpack athletics is very bright , so bright in fact that the tarholes might just get burned !

      • appheel

        Maybe State fans can help meout here, but is Tarhole supposed to be a insult? If so it never works b/c I just laugh every time I read it.