UNC Basketball Recruiting: Kennedy Meeks is Enough to Fill out 2013 Class

Kennedy Meeks the top center in the 2013 class is reportedly nearing a decision and will decide by mid next week whether or not he will take the rest of his scheduled visits or not.  The favorites appear to be Georgetown and North Carolina.  Meeks has visited Chapel Hill twice recently at Late Night with Roy and again for the exhibition against Shaw.  With Isiah Hicks and Nate Britt already in hand, I believe adding Meeks would be enough for the 2013 class.

It’s understandable to see everything from a fans point of view, adding four or five big time players would be great for any program.  But that isn’t necessarily what this program needs and that’s how Roy Williams has to look at things.  Since Britt and Hicks committed to UNC last year several prospects have eliminated Carolina from Austin Nichols to Jabari Parker, Troy Williams and one time top target Julius Randle.   Even the biggest and most loyal fans and level minded analyst have questioned, has UNC lost it’s recruiting gusto?

I’ve long maintained that while some of these developments have surprised me, it’s not the end of the world and the recruiting sky is not falling on Chapel Hill.   UNCs roster, though filled with question marks has we head into the 2012 season is one that is deep with talent and nothing will change in 2013.  Prospects today want promises, promises of playing time and the involvement in the offense, both things Roy cannot promise right now.

Top threats to leave early after this season are sophomore big man James Michael McAdoo and whomever emerges on the perimeter.  Add that to the graduation loss of Dexter Strickland and the 2013 team will have fewer questions and will be more experienced.  Could the team use a combination of Meeks, Noah Vonleh and Andrew Wiggins?  Absolutely but adding just Meeks who is the most likely of the bunch to play his college ball in Chapel Hill would be more than enough to improve this team.

Take a look at the 2013 roster minus McAdoo and Reggie Bullock who for arguments sake we’ll say has a breakout year and leaves early.

PG: Paige/Britt/Davis

That’s a deep roster that could be even better if the assumption that McAdoo and at least one other player will turn pro after this season. A class of Hicks/Britt/Meeks isn’t ideal but it would be a very solid group that nobody should be ashamed of it it comes to fruition.

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  • jessica oxendine

    I really want Wiggins. Noah would be great too. I think Meeks is in the bag for UNC.
    I think Roy needs to be more aggressive next year with recruits.

  • Souvanh

    Yeah, but that roster does not have a feel of a national contender! With Vonleh or Wiggins that would make the team a legit final four team !

    • Keeping_It_Heel

      doesn’t have the feel now but we have no idea how the 2012 freshman will develop or how others such as Hairston/McDonald will play in bigger roles.

      • Souvanh

        Yeah but with wiggins and Meeks they look like the 2005 championship team! Plus wiggins is a lock down defender!

        • Keeping_It_Heel

          I would love to see Wiggins in UNC absolutely. At this point though a good bet is Meeks and that’s it.

  • Unc_roc

    If the heels get meeks witch they probaly will roy needs to be on wiggings like white on rice

    • Keeping_It_Heel

      I would hope he is already but point well taken

  • Sevydamus

    I’ll be fine with just Meeks,but until I see he’s committed I”m gonna keep thinking the worse.Meeks I feel make us a contender more along the lines in 2 yrs compared to Wiggins having the Carmelo effect right away.

  • guest

    whom is not a subject — ever.