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UNC Basketball Recruiting: More Signs the Heels are Dug in With 2013 Class

After the top two ranked prospects in the 2013 class Jabari Parker and Julius Randle eliminated the North Carolina Tar Heels from their list, many wondered if UNC would start to look elsewhere and potentially offer other prospects.  My opinion on the subject has been that no, Roy Williams will not offer anymore prospects in the class and that he is dug in with those he has already offered.  Any new offers will come from the 2014 class or later.

UNC has offers out to small forward Troy Williams, SF/PF Noah Vonleh and center Kennedy Meeks. With commitments from PF Isiah Hicks and PG Nate Britt Williams will round out his class by going all in with the three he has offers to.

Vonleh recently reclassified from 2014 to the 2013 class or things might be different. The priority with this class is adding big men and I suspect Roy would be fine with a class of Britt, Hicks, Vonleh and Meeks. A perimeter player would be nice, but is more of a luxury than a necessity at this point.

Lately all the attention and new offers have come from later classes. The Heels have been connected to Shelton Mitchell, Caleb and Cody Martin, Isaac Copeland, Dwayne Morgan and Rashad Vaughn in the 2014 class and players like Karl Towns, Jared Armstrong and Brandon Ingram in the 2015 class. The latest news has the team expanding their search in the 2015 class and starting to take a peak at the 2016 group, not circling the wagon with the 2013 class.

2015 center Daniel Giddens, 2016 small forward V.J. King, and 2015 combo guard Eric Davis are starting to receive interest from Carolina.  Though no offers have been made to any, UNC doesn’t jump out and make offers to players this early in the process, I suspect if they did, Karl Towns would have one by now.

My observation of Roy Williams and his staffs recruiting tactics are that they don’t play games.  They study prospects hard, early in the process and when they make an offer, it’s an educated one, not a snap decision to just offer the best players in the class.  They will not offer players that they aren’t certain fit their mold of a Carolina player.  The decisions have been made in the 2013 class and they are dug in this late into the process.  That’s not to say if a top tier prospect approached them with interest they wouldn’t look into it, but they aren’t going to make any late, unexpected sales pitches.

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  • Ahhines

    What if Roy doesn’t get any of the three? Or only one?

    • Keeping_It_Heel

      won’t happen, also, Hicks is going to be a stud, Britt will be a very good PG also and UNC can always get in the mix late on a candidate w/o any strong suitors if they need 2.

    • Captain Arctic

      Ahhines – sign up and get on the KIH Forum! Haven’t seen you over there!

      • Keeping_It_Heel

        yeah man good call Captain! we are building members and need some more active voices, shutting down the comments feature probably the end of this month.

  • slamma

    maybe its a sign that recruits are getting the drift that UNC has serious potential trouble with the NCAA

    • NCAA

      that is a bullshit comment good sir!

  • Tar!Nation!Cj

    OH MY GOD! The sky is falling and pigs are flying! C’mon! Isnt the first time nor the last time one or two big named prospects decided to go elsewhere. By focusing on those who “got away” marginalizes and minimizes the ones who want to be Tarheels. Lets not do that shall we?! Potential class, excluding he ones mentioned, will be a tremendous haul for Roy. The man wins over 70%+ of his games so I would assume he hs dealt with periods when the top one or two rejected his scholly offers. Bottomline to me is either you wanna be a Tarheel or you dont and if you dont….that will be entirely YOUR LOSS! Roy has got this….

    • Keeping_It_Heel

      I agree, that wasn’t my goal in this post to dwell on those who got away. Goal was to express that Roy isn’t running to other prospects to ensure he fills the class, rather he is fully engaged with those he has already offered and appears confident.