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UNC Basketball Recruiting: Isiah Hicks and Nate Britts Drop in Rankings Doesn't Matter

Isiah Hicks and Nate Britt have seen their rankings drop over the summer with Hicks falling to #16 and Britt falling even further down to #68.  Britt at one time was considered one of the top two or three point guards in the class but now ranks much lower and has lost his five star rating and is now a four star prep.  Britt’s reputation took a hit after a junior season in which he did not  make massive improvements to his offensive game.  Hicks’ game did see several improvements during his high school season.  So why did he drop?  The same reason Britt did, AAU summer basketball.

No, neither Britt nor Hicks had a bad summer, they just didn’t play much.  And in the world of recruiting, the scouts need to see you at the major events, competing and getting better.  Out of sight, out of mind to put it another way.  Hicks especially has nothing to worry about, he has grown more physically capable of playing a major role early at the next level and his offensive game has expanded a bit.  He’s also becoming a better defender and being more aggressive on the court.

Britt on the other hand does deserve to drop a bit, but it’s nothing to worry about.  Britt is not a player Roy Williams envisioned becoming a big time scorer if you ask me.  He is a great defender and a floor general, he can really run the floor and lead the break with the best in the country and that’s what Roy needs him for.  Kendall Marshall did just fine as a non-scoring threat for much of his career and Britt right now is a better offensive prospect in that regard that Marshall was entering as a freshman.

Britt will team with UNC target Troy Williams at Oak Hill Academy for his senior season.  Oak Hill is one of the elite high school basketball programs in the nation.  Britt will be coached by a great staff, he will be worked in practice to almost the same type of intensity he will see at Chapel Hill.  Oak Hill also likes to run, a key component to his development is getting used to constantly being able to run and lead the break, making quick and effective decision.  He will get that at Oak Hill and Carolina fans shouldn’t worry about anything other than the fact that he is the PG that Roy targeted for the 2013 class very early on.

Hicks’ senior season is all about continuing to improve on all the little things.  As a consensus five star prospect, he has all the tools to become a star from the day he steps on campus.  Becoming a better free throw shooter, one on one and help defender, passing out of the double team and working on his mid range jumper to expand his offensive game.  Anyone who has followed Hicks’ game throughout his HS career has seen the consistent year to year improvement and that in my opinion is much more valuable than a summer touring around playing tournaments with unfamiliar teammates in an enviornment that isn’t very condusive to defensive development.

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  • Sevy

    There be just fine this season.I just want to see some more recruits in this Baby Blue.As for Hicks I agree with what was said about big time potential on this guy.His upside could be through the roof especially if he added another inch or so.Might have ourself a young KG in the making.Yeah I said it!!!

    • Keeping_It_Heel

      I really like Hicks also…Sevy hope to see you in the forums, comments are going down at the end of the month

  • Benjamin Williams

    We need Vonleh bad. I hate hate hate Meeks for our offense. Best case we get Vonleh and Williams and call it a class.

    • Keeping_It_Heel

      I like Meeks, he’ll lose some weight

    • jason

      Meeks is exactly what we need. He is a guy that won’t factor for a year or two, develop and get in shape, and then contribute handily his junior and senior years.

  • Jason

    Last I remember, a players recruiting ranking never actually helped anyone score a point, guard their man or win a game. Frankly speaking, I could care less whether these guys played one summer game or if they dropped into the 1,000 range in the rankings. What is more important? Their rankings, or that they get in a gym and work on their games so they are ready to play at UNC?