July 13, 2012;Alexandria, VA USA;USA East forward Troy Williams (9) lays the ball up over China forward Li Jinglong (9) and LI Bin (4) during the Nike Global Challenge at Episcopal High School. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-US PRESSWIRE

UNC Basketball Recruiting: Why it's a Good Thing Jabari Parker Eliminated Carolina

Jabari Parker announced his final five list of Stanford, BYU, Duke, Michigan St and Florida.  Parker cut Kentucky, Duke and North Carolina in one fell swoop which caught a posters attention in the Keeping it Heel forum, when’s the last time those three powerhouses were eliminated at the same time?

Julius Randle, who is considered by most the #2 prospect in the 2013 class also cut UNC Tuesday.  That was both bad and unexpected news for the Tar Heels who made Randle their priority in the class.  The Parker announcement is the polar opposite of Randle’s, not surprising and not all that bad in my view.

Noah Vonleh, another super recruit just reclassified from the 2014 class to 2013.  He named UNC as one of three programs pursuing him the hardest.  Vonleh was the top target of Roy Williams and the Tar Heels in the 2014 class before his reclassification and he could be the saving grace now that he has moved to the 2013 class.

Parker was never a great possibility for Carolina, although they were apart of his top ten list, Duke and Michigan State were always the favorites here with Stanford and BYU with outside shots at landing his services.   Roy advised Randle to be as upfront with as early as possible with the programs he didn’t see himself going to which ultimately led to him cutting down his list and eliminating both UNC and Duke from his list so that those programs could move on.

Spending time and resources coveting prospects you do not have a realistic chance at landing doesn’t do the program any good.  UNC has offers out to Vonleh, Kennedy Meeks and Troy Williams with Isiah Hicks and Nate Britt committed.  Moving on from Parker will allow them to focus squarely on Vonleh as the #1 priority and it also tells Williams that he is the only target among perimeter players left at this point.

I like the prospects of landing Vonleh better now with Randle out of the picture.  Both versatile forwards who like to play the small forward position in addition to the power spot.  Both players are versatile enough that they are not defined or held down by a position.  Both are also smart enough to know that if they went to the same program, the chances of both of them being able to play some SF are next to none.  Maybe with Randle out of the picture, Carolina looks more attractive to Vonleh.

Same principle with Troy Williams.  UNC has an already crowded perimeter group and will have the same situation in 2013 even if a player or two decides to go pro after this season.  Being the only perimeter target in the class means more playing time in 2013 and beyond.  Williams couldn’t have liked the possibility of going to the same program as Jabari Parker who would clearly see much more playing time before Williams would.



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  • Gmix

    I’m a carolina fan here in the Philippines and I think it’s never a good thing for a school to be eliminated by Jabari Parker. I’m guessing you meant that some good may come out from his decision to cut unc from his list and I would agree with that 100%. I’m hoping unc gets Vonleh and Williams for the 2013 class; Berry and Lyles for 2014. Is unc recruiting Trey Lyles?

  • uncfan

    I never really saw Parker dawning Carolina blue, but hell I never saw Randle doing this heart breaking 180 on the heels. When I heard the dreadful news I debated hours on it. I came to a few conclusions… but the biggest conclusion didn’t make sense. None the less Noah Vonleh is super talented, and can’t thing of any other player as of 2013 that I would want in a Tarheel jersey. Sincerely…

  • PimpDaddyNash

    Anyone and everyone who has seen him play agrees. If he reclassifies, Andrew Wiggins will be the biggest get in the Modern era, bigger than Durant, Carmelo, Wall, and Mayo, . . only comparable only to Lebron had he played CBB, and even then Wiggins is better as this stage than Lebron. He absolutely toyed with Randle when they went heads-up, and it wasn’t even really close, and Randle, by most recent scouting, has passes Parker as the most desirable individual prospect.

    • Keeping_It_Heel

      agreed. I was happy to see that he has an offer and that UNC is one of three programs pursuing him.

  • jessica oxendine

    What we need to do is get Noah on campus and let him see how great UNC is. How many spots do we have left? Two? If so I want Troy and Noah.

    • Keeping_It_Heel

      two if everyone comes back but we can assume JMM will be gone and I think that at least one other player, likely a perimeter guy will be gone also. I would think we try to add 3 more.

  • CATS


    • jessica oxendine


  • http://twitter.com/polo81920 CarolinaRaider

    I really don’t see how either Parker or Randle could have rejected UNC… I don’t know what it is, but to me Roy needs to step his game up because other programs, mainly Kensucky keep recruiting the best every year.
    Now I know just because they are rated very high doesn’t mean they’ll end up playing at a high level…just look at Barnes for us. Barnes was above average at best, and while I beleive he’ll make a great pro, he just wasn’t the superstar we invisioned him to become.
    I’m just frustrated that other teams seem to get the flashy players that are probably going to be lottery picks in the draft.
    I guess I’m just so sick of Kensucky and their inbred fan base that comes into UNC blogs talking smak, and we have nothing to show for…as far as recruiting goes.

    • PimpDaddyNash

      I agree, by the time Henson began to understand his role, develop his midrange, and time his blocks, he was declaring for the draft. The same could be said of Austin Rivers. Aside from “the shot” at Chapel hill, his year was lackluster.

  • Keeping_It_Heel

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  • junkpit

    Um, in your first two sentences you claim, first, that he kept Duke on his final list (which appears true from other things I’ve read), and then you turn right around and make a big deal about how he cut Duke. Huh??? Maybe you’re thinking of Kansas?

  • JD

    Hire an editor for your website.