May 3, 2012; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks city dancers entertain during the second half of game three in the Eastern Conference quarterfinals of the 2012 NBA Playoffs between the New York Knicks and the Miami Heat at Madison Square Garden. Miami won 87-70. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Rasheed Wallace to the NY Knicks Makes No Sense

Rasheed Wallace is rumored to be coming out of retirement to play for the New York Knicks.  The 38 year old Wallace has been retired from the NBA for two years, last Saturday it was reported that he had worked out for the team at the MSG Training Center in Greenburgh.  The former North Carolina Tar Heel has remained active participating in the NC Pro-Am and has been instrumental as a tutor of sorts to many UNC players over the last couple of seasons.  Most notably, he is credited with doing some great work to expand John Henson’s offensive game.

I don’t blame Wallace for coming back at all. He was one of the many former Tar Heel players rumored to be interested in an assistant coaching job at Carolina before Hubert Davis was eventually hired. It’s obvious to anyone who has watched Wallace throughout his career, he is very passionate about the game of basketball, sometimes, maybe too much. But the Knicks aren’t the right fit.

The 38 year old Wallace will likely play a role off the bench as a backup power forward/center. The Knicks are not the right team because they are not a contender. Unless this is about money and the Knicks are offering more than contending teams, which I doubt, I don’t understand Wallace’s move to the Big Apple. A player on the last leg of his career like Wallace should have went to a team like the Miami Heat or Los Angeles Lakers, even the Boston Celtics or Oklahoma City Thunder.

Instead, Wallace will play a limited role on a team that will underachieve. Big men are always in high demand in the NBA. Especially those who can defend and rebound like Wallace which makes this move a puzzling one in my book and one I’d rather the former Tar Heel didn’t make.

What do you think of Wallace’s rumored comeback with the Knicks?

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  • llcoolj

    how dare u

    • Matt Hamm

      my bad LL


    The knicks arent a contender? Ur retarded u cant be serious

    • Matt Hamm

      Carmelo Anthony and Amare cannot play D and Melo doesn’t pass the ball. Kidd is over the hill, playoff team, not a title contender.

  • abatattm

    I think ny is in a good position to make a run at a title provide If they get By the heat or celtics but I think going there was a good move they need a good veteran big ! Go Wallace go heels

    • Matt Hamm

      good move by the Knicks no doubt, not so much from Wallace’s point of view if you ask me

  • Sean

    I actually have to disagree. Rasheed is going to be great for the Knicks even if he doesn’t play a single minute. The Knicks are a generally immature team. (Here’s to you, Carmelo) Sheed’s veteran locker room presence is going to be good for them. I think Jason Kidd will help with that too. Just the same, Wallace is going ot be good for everyone’s attitude, as well as Amare’s game.

  • Dukesucks102

    As someone who lives locally here in the Chapel Hill area, the Knicks are wasting there time. Rasheed Wallace is lazy bum. He has participated in the N.C. Proam and looked terrible. He doesn’t move on the court, he can’t shoot, and off the court he is seen around town drunk almost every night. Moving him to the big apple smells trouble. He is extremely out of shape.

    • Matt Hamm

      hopefully he got into shape since he’s coming back for an entire season in the NBA. Hey if I had millions, I can see myself drunk in Chapel Hill every night also.

      • Captain Arctic

        Dude, that is hilarious! And I concur!!!

  • Hom859

    I can honestly see why Matt Hamm would not want Rasheed Wallace to go to a team like the New York Knicks. It is because honestly, they are contenders. The off-season moves have improved the team and made them one of the best teams in the east, even if a lot of sports annalists don’t agree. I can see why some would not agree with what I am saying because of the past 2 seasons and several other seasons before that. All I am saying is that this year is the year to see what this team is made of winners or losers. No mid-season trade shockers and no lockout 62 game fake season. This year we will see what they really are and the roster they are putting together has a lot of fans of the other guys worried, and I can see why. I’m glad Sheed is on board. Lets go Knicks.

    • Matt Hamm

      hey I hope your wrong, I love Felton and Wallace and would love to see them make some noise, I just don’t see it happening.

    • Horran Cameron

      If Rasheed wants to go to a contender, he can take his talents to South Beach. He would be a better option than Eddy Curry or Dexter Pittman; more so Curry. Plus, he could camp out around the 3 at will, with all of the talent in Miami.

  • knickerblogger

    knicks not a contender gtfoh!!!!!!!!!

    • Matt Hamm

      unless Jason Kidd has some magic pass the ball potion he can sneak in Melo’s Gatorade, the Knicks aren’t going anywhere besides a 1st or 2nd round playoff exit, book it.

  • Starks4eva

    Can we agree that the knicks are definately a contender if …
    1. Melo and Amare find a way to co-exist.
    2. Felton plays like he did during his last year as a knick

    I still would’ve preferred Kenyon Martin over Sheed but none of them would’ve made a significant contribution to begin with… But face the facts – the knicks got more depth than last year. Chandler will perform at the same level and got a sweet substitute in Camby.. if Felton has an off day u got Kidd and Prigioni (who I wouldnt underestimate!)… Amare with some decent post moves might give Novak more room to strike hard… Defensively stronger and more committed with Woodson from day 1 of the season. Once Shump and Brewer are healthy again we got a team that can definately make it to the eastern conference finals. Everyone who says this team doesnt even have the potential to get there is ignorant and hating on the knicks without good reason. Beating Miami is a whole different story…

    2 Defensive Players of the year, Future Hall of Famer/Champ/one of the best PGs the game has ever seen, 5 Allstars, Best 3 Point shooter 2011/12, All-Rookie first team member … and JR Smith ;)

    Greetings from Germany

    • Matt Hanm-Keeping it Heel

      Sure but Melo sharing the ball and him/Amare playing D is a pipe dream

    • Horran Cameron

      The Knicks can get Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant, and they STILL will not be a contender. It’s not happening, captain. Once they get rid of Amare, then they will be a contender.