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UNC Basketball Recruiting: Roy Williams vs Jon Calipari for Julius Randle

Julius Randle tweeted a top ten list of Texas, Kansas, Baylor, UNC, Duke, Kentucky, Florida, NC State, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.  But it my mind, it’s going to come down to two teams that wear different shades of blue and no they don’t live right next door to one another.  Kentucky and Carolina is who I see as the likeliest candidates to lead for the services of the new #1 overall prospect in the 2013 class.

Randle has stated his willingness to play with stars such as Andrew Wiggins and the Harrison twins in Lexington.  Randle is not a selfish player and does not seem like the type of person who needs to be “the man”.  Not that he would have the team completely to himself in Carolina, but he would be the big time recruit in Chapel Hill.  Randle is not only open to going to a program where he isn’t the focal point of the team, he seems open to sharing the spotlight with other recruits.

Randle and his coaches have great relationships with North Carolina head coach Roy Williams.  Williams and UNC have recruited Randle as hard as any program in the nation and he has maintained his spot as their main focus throughout the process.  Recent rumors had Randles newest list shorter than the 10 programs he listed, indications a decision is likely not in the near future.

Randle has spoken fondly of UNC on several occasions but has also had nice words for Duke, Kentucky and Kansas as well as hometown Texas.   I suspect when he makes his next move it will be to cut the list again, not make a decision.  Duke, Kansas and his hometown Texas look to me as the most likely to make it to the final five cut, whenever that comes with the two favorites in this fight Kentucky and UNC.

The lure of playing for a potential super team built on any number and combination of five star freshman makes Kentucky attractive for any top prospect, especially ones who fit the one and done mold.  Ultimately Randle will have to decide if he wants that or the stability of Carolinas program which will have a mix of young prospects like Randle and upperclassmen.  Does Randle want to be apart of a freshman powerhouse or perhaps the final piece to the puzzle in Chapel Hill?

Randle’s in home visit schedule is as follows: SEPT 9 (NC St, UK), 10 (UNC), 11 (Duke), 12 (KU), 17 (OU), 18 (OK St), 19 (Tex), 20 (Fla), 22 (Baylor).”

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