UNC & East Carolina: A Growing Rivalry?

Let me start by telling you a story. My little brother is in school at East Carolina and was at a house party. A guy showed up with a UNC sticker on his car. The entire party commenced to literally flip his car.

This is a prime example of one of the greatest, purest things you can find: passion at a primal level. That level of anger and loathing towards Chapel Hill by ECU students is something that a great college football rivalry can be founded upon. Now am I suggesting that you flip a car with an East Carolina pirate sticker on it? Maybe.

I am saying that this is one of the reasons I love college football so much. NFL fans have long since worshipped the ground of a star athlete only to find him inking a signing bonus with an in-conference rival the next season. “The NFL is a business.” You hear that one a lot. College football fans are young, energetic, and often intoxicated enough to truly despise the other guy on an intimate and emotional level—comparable to a trip to the dentist. There’s no signing bonus that can take the place of that.

The moral to the story is that UNC and ECU have a simmering contention that is moving closer and closer to boiling over. What is the one thing holding the game against East Carolina being called an “in-state rival?” UNC’s dominance is. ECU hasn’t beaten Chapel Hill since 2007, getting outscored 108 to 54 in the last three games. You kind of need a back and forth repertoire to be a bonafide big-game.

The Pirates are situated right in the middle of #25 Louisville and #16 Virginia Tech. ECU is just looking for us to hit a lull following a big win against the Cardinals and before the win against the Hokies.

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  • Horran Cameron

    Once ECU wins, then it becomes a rivalry; however, this is not a diss. ECU needs to join the ACC. They have had some good teams in the past. I really liked the quarterback that ECU had a few years ago, Pinckney. In 1998, ECU would have probably whooped Carolina. ACC, make it happen!!!

    • Keeping_It_Heel

      good points!

  • CW-Pirate

    No rivalry… if anything the “fire” has died down b/w the two schools b/c of UNC’s dominance and the fact that ECU can’t pull it together when we play ya’ll.

  • vampire008

    As you stated UNC’s dominance seems to over shadow what could be a great in-state rivalry. But most games have been played at UNC And while ECU has been outscored on the field the outcome has at best has come after the half. ECU dosn’t have a big time conference or anyone in their conference near them,ECU goes after the same players that UNC wants. If there had been equal footing many years ago this could be a greater rivalry than UNC-Duke football. O thats right you guys are in the same conference….my bad

  • HotTuna VB

    You will find out how much of a rivalry it is when I come down to Chapel Hill and tip over some more cars.

  • ThePirateLady

    Oh, make no mistake….it’s an in-state rivalry, LOL!

  • ECUpyrit

    There is NO doubt in my mind that the kid who got his car flipped had more than a sticker on his car. He likely had his nose up in the air and the typical UNC attitude. I graduated from ECU and I can tell you there is no shortage of UNC shirts on campus and stickers on cars. They don’t all get torched and flipped.

    Our hate for UNC is simple really. The main reason is that the majority of undergraduates are usually spoiled rich kids who think they’re better than everyone else. It’s that simple. It’s MOSTLY a bunch of elitist pricks who haven’t worked a day in their life and live on Dad’s dime. Even the friends I had their became horrible people for about 3-4 years and then came back down. They’ll even attest to that. That being said, those types of kids are everywhere…even at ECU. At Chapel Hill, they are just easier to find because they are a majority.

    There are other (more political) reasons to hate UNC and the folks who make up the UNC System board but I’m not going into all that.

    The bottom line is that I hope it becomes a bigger rivalry because it’s good for the fans, TV ratings, the economy, and most importantly the kids (even the spoiled pricks). Go Pirates!

  • Chris

    ECU did beat Carolina that year lol, I think it was 2008. And I dont want my Pirates in the ACC its just not good for football.

  • Chris

    Stupid story. ECU loses to Carolina then Carolina loses to NCSTATE then NCSTATE loses to ECU. Thats just the way it is.

  • David

    Yes, the Heels have gotten the better of us lately….using ineligible players. Congrats! Maybe we’ll win the game straight up so they don’t have to vacate another supposed UNC win. But it’s our fault I guess – we need to upgrade our tutoring program, and implement an AFAM program. Then we’ll be big time.
    I’m disappointed that they didn’t actually flip his car over – come on now, you don’t show up on frat row with that nonsense on your car.
    If I showed up at the Delta house in Chapel Hill with my ECU decal on, someone should flip MY car over…and burn it maybe, if local ordinances permit. Otherwise, you have no school spirit.