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UNC Not Pursuing Penn State Players the Right Move

Part of the sanctions against Penn State in wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, PSU players are permitted to transfer without penalty and play right away.  In addition, coaches from other programs can openly recruit players on Penn States roster.

UNC will not pursue current Penn State players and that’s the right decision by Larry Fedora and the football program.  PSU is a stained University and football program.  Together they committed the most disgusting act ever in sports, compromising children and allowing them to get molested under their watch while they stood by like cowards choosing football over kids.

The scandal at North Carolina that costs the program any chance at a bowl game this season pales in comparison.   On the same token, the program is under scrutiny itself and has no business recruiting current Penn State players. The players stuck in Sad Valley need to go to a program free of scrutiny, they deserve that much.

Personally, I don’t understand how any player would want to stay, regardless of class.  It’s not about the fact that no matter where a player is in his career, he’s not going to a bowl game as part of the Nittany Lions, it’s about the stomach ache everyone should get when they think about what went on in those showers, and God knows where else.

I would love nothing more than to see every single player transfer out of Penn State, have career years and curse the name of the University for the rest of their lives.  But that’s not going to happen, most of those poor kids are so drunk of the Paterno Kool-Aid that they will actually stick around and continue to preach about how good the University is.

For those who do choose to leave, Carolina isn’t the right place for them.  The players offended enough by this whole situation would be wise to go to a clean program and UNC just isn’t that right now.  North Carolinas program made the right decision here, UNC needs to clean it’s own house up, staying away from the PSU situation all together sends a message that they get it.

In a funny coincidence, the first player to de-committ from PSU committed to Carolina last week.

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