Dangerous Waters for UNC fans: The Olympics and Coach K

I’m excited about the USA men’s basketball team pursuing a gold medal in international completion. It’s got some of my favorite players from the entire NBA on the team: Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love. It’s a group of supreme athletes that represent the best of basketball and the best of competition in the sport today. Both UNC and all college players dream of getting a roster spot on the team for the honor of representing their country around the world.

But there’s a dark side to all the Olympics: It’s a lose-lose for Carolina fans when Coach K returns. Why? Let me explain.

1) If UNC smashes Dook next season, it will be because Mike Krzyzewski was “clearly exhausted” from leading our country to a gold medal.

This is the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card. No matter that an entire fleet of assistant coaches sit in his back pocket or the fact that he’s in charge of arguably the greatest Olympic basketball team since the ’92 Dream Team, Coach K will get the glory. When he returns to ACC play the following season pundits will give him a hall pass on pretty much the whole season. If UNC fans call it like it is, they will be hailed as unpatriotic for questioning the man who just led our country to a (probable) gold medal.
2) If Dook beats UNC, Coach K will be labeled a “coaching genius.”

Somehow, someway, after leading his country to the Olympic podium, Mike Kryzyzewski coached his team over their arch rivals. It will be sung from Cameron Indoor stadium by quack jobs like Dickie V. Coach K overcame incredible odds and got the W when it counted. Chapel Hill will have more negative attention than it will ever want if this happens.
3) If Dook wins the national championship and the U.S. men’s Olympic team win gold medal, Coach Mike Krzyzewski will be heralded as the greatest coach of all time.

This will deal an incredible blow to every UNC fan across the nation. Sure, we’re rooting for our country and Olympic team to bring home the gold medal, but we should keep our praises for the team tempered as UNC fans. It is, after all, the greatest collection of athletes from the greatest league in the world. It spells trouble for Caroline Blue if Dook somehow wins it all. We’re entering dangerous territory and might not even realize it.

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