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UNC Basketball Recruiting: Andrew Wiggins Lists UNC Amongst Top Five

The top basketball player in the 2014 class shooting guard Andrew Wiggins, listed the North Carolina Tar Heels along with Duke, Syracuse, Florida State and Kentucky as his top five.  The 6’7”, 205 lbs swingman out of Canada can do it all on the court.  Capable of playing the two, three or four spots at a high level.

Very talented and athletic some call him the best high school basketball talent in North America (wouldn’t that mean the world? just saying).  Wiggins is a physical freak who runs the floor like a point guard, can lead the break with very good ball handling skills, is great in isolation and can create for himself and teammates in the half court.  He possesses skills that rival and in some scouts minds trumps that of Jabari Parker.

His coach has his list even shorter here:

“I know he likes Florida State, I know he likes Kentucky and I know he likes North Carolina, but I don’t know anything outside of that,” his AAU coach, Mike George of CIA Bounce, told

If you listen to his coach here, Carolina seems to have the edge over Duke

“I hear from both of them, Carolina probably a little more at this point but not to say that Duke doesn’t call,” Fulford said Sunday. “[Carolina] Coach [Roy] Williams came and watched him play when we were in D.C. this year.”

Wiggins’ parent both went to Florida State and the Seminoles look like they will be in the race to the end.  Rumors have went back and forth about whether or not Wiggins will reclassify to the 2013 class or stay put with his current 2014 class.

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  • noitallman

    Do we recruit against Duke or Kentucky, because it seems like most guys are really deciding between NC and Kentucky. Do we really care about Duke?
    And the other question is: Why do so many kids place Kentucky on their top 3 lists? How many kids can actually  get a scholarship at Kentucky? Do they all think they are going to end up there? Calipari is giving them a line of bull. They have over 30 prospects listing them. Do they all think they are UK’s top priority?
    UNC has 7-10 guys they look at and that is about it. They don’t lead the entire nation of players into believing they will offer them.

    • CaptainArtic

       @noitallman Just because a high school player and/or service lists UK does not mean that UK has offered or is even interested.  I guarentee you Cal’s not wasting time chasing 30 guys.  As I posted yesterday, all that really matters to Cal for 2013 are the Harrison Twins, James Young, and they can have Chris Walker if Cal wants him.  Losing Troy Williams (you all can have him) won’t be a big deal as I feel he is greatly over-hyped based on his Uncle.  Wiggins is also UK’s to lose.  

      • KIH Matt

         @CaptainArtic  @noitallman 
        I’ve actually heard that Cal straight tells the players where they are in his priority.  If he needs to get 7 players and you are #8 you know that apparently and I am not a Cal fan whatsoever. 

        • CaptainArtic

           @KIH Matt  @noitallman Regardless, whatever he’s doing is working.  If I’m a top player, I want to go there because of the competition you will get everyday in practice with the talent level that exists.  Hell, Cal even had a good chunk of NBA players playing pickup last summer in Lexington.  You just can’t get that many places.

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