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UNC Basketball: The Naysayers Are Lurking

Naysayers, I chose naysayers instead of haters, doubters or any other word that describes the non-believers.  What I really wanted to call them was a bunch of idiots.  But that’s not a very fancy title for the Google machine now is it?  Every year in college basketball the “experts” come out and tell us all what’s going to happen around the country.  Kansas and Michigan State are NIT bound that’s for sure, only until they were given #1 seeds in the big dance.  Remember what they said about UNC in 2006?  Did any of them really think the Roy Williams was going to take the Tar Heels to the title in 2005? You get the point.

Before you put it in the comments, of course, I’ve produced hundreds of columns for this site and a couple others.  Ive been wrong many times when making predictions and even general observations.  I’m not faulting them for being wrong, it’s pretty easy to do.  All I’m simply trying to do is make everyone aware of what’s about to irritate us next season.  Over and over again you will hear the total amount of points, assists, rebounds, blocked shots, steals etc. that the Tar Heels are losing with the losses of Tyler Zeller, Kendall Marshall, John Henson, and Harrison Barnes.  I’ll spoil the surprise, it’s a whole lot.  Then they will tell you what percentage of the Heels total production in that category they have lost.  I’ll spoil that one for you also, it’s pretty much everything statistically.  If your thinking to yourself, well duh, thank you, you’ve been following along well.

But that’s not what’s important, it’s just what everybody’s going to focus on.  Now that James Michael McAdoo has announced his decision to return.  UNC should at least be in everyone’s Top 20, no matter how much they can’t stand us.  If the team had landed senior transfer Alex Oriakhi, that probably would have made them a Top 15 team.  Most of what we’ll all hear from the national media will be the same endless dribble I described above.  Everyone should be focused on the four terrific prospects, all of whom look like players Roy can keep on campus three or four years.  Equal if not greater focus should be the slew of players on the roster with the reasonable expectation of raising their game significantly.  Tar Heels depth on the perimeter which will be potentially unmatched in the nation, will be brushed aside.  Get ready for the haters Tar Heel Nation, after being the preseason #1 team and being the favorites for the year, it’s time to become the underdog.  I for one am looking forward to it, based on past experience, it’s going to feel real good laughing in all there faces when it’s all said and done.

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