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Really? We're Talking About Butch Davis to Arkansas?

Okay come on guys really?  If this talk of former North Carolina head coach Butch Davis taking over for Bobby Petrino as Arkansas’ football coach the Razorbacks should be ashamed of themselves.  What kind of message would this send?  Bringing in a coach that just ruined a program and left them paying for his mistakes for the next three years and now he gets to go back to where he played and be the head coach?  Sounds like a reward to me, not a punishment.

I’m sorry but replacing Petrino with anybody with recent character flaws is a bad idea for Arkansas.  The Petrino scandal is a nightmare for the program.  Why bring in another one?  Athletic director Jeff Long can be picky in who he chooses to be his next head football coach.  The Razorbacks are a very good team, a likely top 10 when the polls come out.

The fan base should be screaming for, and deserves a big name, top of the line coach to come in and take over this team.  Davis has been a favorite in Arkansas for a long time after growing up in the area.  An Arkansas grad, and Fayetteville (Ark.) high school coach, but there’s better men for the job.  If it were me I’d offer the job to South Florida’s Skip Holtz right now.  In my opinion Holtz could come in and be just as good of a head coach on the field as Davis without bringing any dirt along with him.

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