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Postseason Interview With UNC Coach Daggum Roy

Bubba said I had to do one more these answerin’ mailbag questions type deals ‘fore the year’s up, so I’m a doin’ er.  But we gotta hurra it up, feller, got a crap ton a Daggum t-shirts ta sell over at the

Q: Describe the feeling in the locker room after being eliminated from the NCAA Tournament. 

@DaggumRoy: Mostly sh*tty.

Q: You going to miss Stillman White the next two years?

@DaggumRoy: What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna manage, at’s what we’re gonna do.

Q: Tell me about Alex Oriakhi, what have you told him about his potential role at Carolina?

@DaggumRoy: Thang about the Oriahka is he played for Jimma Calhouns, so you know he’s already payed.

Q: Did Nerlens Noel tell you why he eliminated UNC without even making an official visit to Chapel Hill?

@DaggumRoy: He was kindla upset when I called him … what was it, Coach Rob? … Ah, Nolerns Nerl.  No, Nerl Nolans. No, cotdamnit, what kind gotdamn name is Nerls, Noles, Nerluns.  Crap, forget it.

Q: With Harrison Barnes, John Henson and Kendall Marshall all going pro, do you have anymore recruits your looking at to fill in the gaps?

@DaggumRoy: Told them boys I’d talk to each n ever one of em individual’la  on May 15, 16 about this NBA draft hooey.  I mean, uh, hey, might could get the Oriahka.

Q: Why on Earth is anyone talking about James Michael McAdoo going pro?

@DaggumRoy: I don’t know, McArdoo looked pretty daggum good for a piece thar, didern’t he, Hensern?  I say, didern’t he, Hensern!   Hensern?  Hensern!  Whar hell is he?

Q: Any update on the progress of Leslie McDonald or Dexter Strickland?

@DaggumRoy: We are workin’ hard on changin’ that goddamndable name a McDonald’s.  To McLawson or McWilliams, somethin’.  On account of the cotdamned fallin’ out had with em over them “All-‘Mericans” they sold me few year back.  Dexter, he’s rehabbin’ or somethin’, heck I don’t know.

Q: What can you say about the #Passfir5t movement?

@DaggumRoy:  Well, I am now, ain’t I?  Daggumit, son.

Q: Any special plans for the off season Daggum?

@DaggumRoy: Goin’ to this crappin’ Final Four Coachin’ Confernce deal, then prob’la try a squeeze in 36 holes a recruitin’ a day.  Might do 54.  Not sure.

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