Mar 9, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels guard Kendall Marshall (5) lays the ball up past Maryland Terrapins guard Nick Faust (5) in the first half during the quarter-finals of the 2012 ACC Men

UNC Basketball: Why Is Everybody Making Such A Big Deal About Kendall Marshall's Minutes?

A hot topic right now is the amount of minutes Kendall Marshall is playing.  Why this is a hot topic now, I can’t figure it out?  Ever since Dexter Strickland went down for the season leaving a two star, seldom used, freshman supposed to be emergency player in Stillman White to be his backup.  We’ve known Marshall was going to have to play even bigger minutes than he already was for North Carolina.  So what’s the big deal right now?  He’s playing 36 minutes per game, is that really too much?  For those that think it is, let me ask you this, what’s he going to do then when he goes to the NBA and the games are 48 minutes long and starters play 35-40 minutes every night for 82 games a year?

Sure, I’d like to have Dexter Strickland around to give Kendall a little more of a rest.  And I’d love it if we had either one of the recruits Roy Williams has committed to become the Tar Heels next PGs Marcus Paige or Nate Britt.  But the reality is, the Heels don’t have either one of those things right now.  And at the PG position, they have Kendall Marshall and that’s pretty much it.   And since Marshall is an absolute stud, the nations best PG in my opinion, why does all this matter?

Unless Marshall gets hurt or gets in serious foul trouble early (does he even play enough defense for that to be a real worry?) then this is a non issue.  And it’s been a non-issue ever since Strickland got injured, in other words, the Tar Heels have been in this position for quite some time now.  The evidence is there that not only can Marshall handle the extra minutes, Stillman White isn’t that bad in the few minutes of playing time gets right now.  No, the Tar Heels would not win the national championship without Marshall at the point.  They also wouldn’t win without Tyler Zeller, Harrison Barnes and they won’t win it if John Henson’s left wrist doesn’t heal.

Sometimes I imagine that those that dream up these things are just looking for a problem with the Tar Heels where there is none to be found.  North Carolina is not a perfect basketball team and they have a lot to grow despite their impressive season thus far.  One of their flaws is absolutely not the PG position and insisting that Marshall’s minutes will be a problem down the stretch is imagining something that isn’t there.


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