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UNC Basketball: Kendall Marshall Ends Up Being The One Left Off The All-ACC List

Kendall Marshall got royally screwed today, I would love for anyone to rationally explain to me how the best point guard in the nation was left off the All-ACC first team?  Nobody, and I mean nobody on the planet that has any type of knowledge about ACC basketball can justify his absence.  The only excuse that’s out there is that UNC has three players on the first team without Marshall already.  And that’s all that is, a stupid excuse.  I don’t care that this is only the second time in conference history that three players from one team are represented on the first team.  Who cares about that?  The four best players in this conference play for the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Virginias Mike Scott has been an automatic to make the team since about mid season.  I have no problem with his inclusion because he actually deserves it.  Duke freshman Austin Rivers being named the team however makes me sick.  What’s even more absurd is the fact that it wasn’t even Rivers who edged out Marshall when you look at the votes.  It was Marshall’s teammate Harrison Barnes with 153 votes to Marshall’s 151 who was the closest.

All season long even Tar Heel haters admitted that it was Marshall who was the most indispensable player on his roster.  Now suddenly he’s not amongst the top five players in the conference?  Give me a break!  I can’t wait until the Cousy Award for the nations top point guard is announced and awarded to Marshall.  If only that award were given out earlier it may have forced the voters hands.  My question to everyone that left Kendall Marshall off their ballot is this.  How stupid are all of you going to feel when Marshall wins the award as the nations best and you left him off your All-ACC team?

Marshall remained professional and adoring of his teammates in his reaction to his snub.

“I guess everyone has their own reasons,” he said. “You know, I may not score enough. But that’s perfectly fine with me. I’d much rather my teammates get those individual accolades as long as we’re still winning games. And it’s tough for a team like ours to have four big-time players that maybe votes are being spread out like that. But I don’t think any of us mind if one or another gets some type of accomplishment out of that.

“We’d all be happy for each other.”

If anything good can come from this mess. I hope it fuels Marshall. Fuels him to continue to play aggressive basketball and be the dual threat he proved he can be against Duke. And maybe more importantly for the future of the Tar Heels, I hope it motivates him to come back to school and prove once again that he is the best PG in college basketball.

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  • Heelforreal

    I just said the same thing on the thread from yesterday before I read his post…great minds and all that!! Sharing below my email to Luke DeCock at news and record yesterday after he posted his ballot in a column…..and his reply to me is telling!
    To him:
    “nice try, but us tarheels always new that Kendall Marshall would not be on the first team. Has nothing to do with defense, has to do with not leaving 4 Heels on the first team. Mike Scott had early lead and carried Virgina on his back. But leaving Butter off to put Austin Rivers on is pure politics. And no, I don’t think they are all UNC haters…..not that paranoid kind of fan. But I do think that they feel the need to spread the love around the league AND pick the names the media speaks the most….i.e. Barnes and Rivers.  I also think Rivers was the ” one shot ” Duke had (pun intended) so he got the spot so DUKE could get a spot. “Butter” may be the first Cousey Award winner that cannot get on his own leagues first string team. He hates being disrepected….just ask Duke how he took to the “shot” being shown in Cameron saturday. when the rest of the kids looked down, he looked up…an used it to fuel and lead his team. A real point guard leads. I hope, for his sake and ours, that he makes the voters feel as stupid as they look on this one! Just saying, nobody on the first team as acc champs last year: a point guard that breaks school and league records on the 2nd team? Really? Bess Brinkley Tarheel Fan that appreciates Marshall”
    His Reply to me: (in 7 minutes no less, explaining how i am wrong)
    “As was the case last year, there was some vote-splitting going on here, this year between Barnes and Marshall. And yes, there are always going to be voters who have a hard time putting four players from ANY team on their ballot. I thought Marshall would make it and Barnes would lose out, but it was only a two-point swing between them. And I don’t think it’s “pure politics.” I debated heavily between Rivers, Barnes and Snaer for the final spot on my first team. In the end, I went with Rivers because he was so critical to Duke’s second-half success, including the win over Carolina, and because I had Barnes as the fourth-most important player on his own team. (I’ve written for weeks now that Marshall deserved to be a first-team pick, and my support for Marshall, and respect for Zeller and Henson, ended up inadvertently hurting Barnes.) Given that, I couldn’t justify putting four North Carolina players ahead of Rivers. Three, no problems. Not four, as I examined in today’s paper. I’m sure there were people who felt obliged to have a Duke representative on their ballot and went with Rivers for that reason, but I think it had more to do with the way the numbers broke down, just like last year. Even though my ballot didn’t break down this way, I’m glad Barnes made the first team; I think he’s a first-team caliber player and it wouldn’t have been right to miss it both years he’s in college. But I had a hard time filling out a representative ballot with four Tar Heels on it, and Barnes lost out. Thanks for the note,”
    OKAY! Everybody got it now? STOP splitting up votes among ourselves. Only three players need shine at a time…..cause that’s all we get, no matter what. Oh, an Duke gets a freebie!

    • KIH Matt

      wow man I can’t believe he replied to you!  What a BS reason, “I couldn’t justify having 4 players from one team blah blah blah” WTF man!  if 4 of the best 5 are on one team then oh well man! 

    • KIH Matt

      I’m so angry about this I had to comment twice just to let everyone know I’m still angry!

  • koe121373UNC

    It’s a shame, but I’m glad that Kendall is using it as motivation.   The Austin Rivers pick is purely political because 1) He’s the third best freshman from a recruiting standpoint, 2) Doc Rivers is shown at every televised game and 3) Austin dropped 29 on the Heels and had “a” winning shot shown every 8 minutes on ESPN for four weeks straight until Saturday night.  But here’s why Kendall deserves it outside of his assist stat and his indispensibility on the team:  he dropped 20 on Duke in Cameron.  You expected 10 assists, but NOT 20 points.  If he doesn’t score 20, that game gets much closer.  That’s why he deserves 1st Team.
    In my opinion, if you’re going to have an all tourney team, the tourney team should have a PG, SG, SF, PF, and C.  But since it’s 5 Outstanding Players, politics have reared their ugly head.  4 UNC Players deserve it plus Mike Scott.  I just hope Kendall stays to SMASH Hurley’s assist record.  

    • KIH Matt

      I like your thinking here koe and I think your dead on.  Like the All-NBA teams we should at least have 2 guards, 2 fwds and a center on the team.  no matter how u slice it’s BS Marshall isn’t on the 1st team

  • theShowgram

    Hear Bob and the Showgram’s interview with Roy Williams!