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UNC Basketball: I Can’t Wait For The Heels To Travel To NC State


Scott Wood, the Heels are coming for you.  As I was sitting waiting for the Tar Heels to take on Wake Forest Tuesday night, NC State was all I could think about.  The Heels absolutely shut down NC State at the Dean Smith Center.  Not just winning, but crushing, the “Wolfpack” who looked more like the puppy pack.  Little Scott got all upset after words and said some really stupid things to reporters.

When asked how losing to UNC felt he had this to say:

“I don’t know,” he said. “Has your wife ever cheated on you?”

“That’s probably how frustrating it is,”

My favorite part of it all, Wood is a 20 year old that has never been married in his life.  So he has absolutely no clue what it would be like to have his wife cheat on him.  He went on to say that the loss was 90% NC State not playing well.  Which is a direct implication that he feels Carolina was only responsible for 10% of the win.  In other words, this guy in a complete and utter moron.

The Tar Heels travel to play NC State on Tue. Feb. 21 at the RBC Center in Raleigh.  The Heels absolutely embarrassed State 74-55 in Chapel Hill on Jan. 26th and have since played better basketball.  The Heels have shown more energy, hustle and better execution, especially on the defensive end in their last two games since playing State.  UNC and NC State still have five more games before they meet again.  Carolina faces a tough test traveling to MD, playing Duke on Feb 8th and turning around to play Virginia three days later.

Expect the Heels to be at the top of their game on Feb 21st with Scott Wood and his stupid comments fresh on their minds.  Personally, I want the team to go in and play State like it’s the Final Four.  I don’t want to see Roy Williams put in the scrubs at all.  If UNC is up by 75 with two minutes to go, let’s push to get it to 80, that’s the mentality I want and expect to see.  I don’t realistically forsee a 75 or 80 point Tar Heel win, but it will be ugly, I’m calling a 30 point Tar Heel win today.  Put it in the books!


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  • http://[email protected] mbare1948

    You hit the nail on the head Grams! This individual knows nothing about Scott Wood and his comments are unwarranted and I have to say unworthy! To those that know Scott, know him to be a gentleman as well as an all-around basketball player! He has had a basketball in his hands from the time he was 3 months old with the assistance of his father, of course, who was also a basketball player. His great grand-father was a legend of his own in basketball from Indiana. So as for you Matt (?) your statements are off the mark and I hate the word Stupid, but since you used it, now you look VERY STUPID! You are an embarrassment to the Tar-Heel fans!

    • Matt

      you must be an idiot yourself. Thanks for replying to yourself and agreeing with what you said earlier. Your using the same IP address and email to post these comments “Grams”

  • http://[email protected] mbare1948

    POSTED ON BEHALF OF SCOTT WOOD’s GRAMS: I have a comment for Matt (someone who is ashamed of his last name) who apparently likes to bash people he does not know. YES, I AM SCOTT WOOD’S GRAMS! I did read your comments on your website and if I were a Tar Heels fan I would be so ashamed of your comments regarding my grandson, I do not believe he was speaking to you when he made the comments about a cheating wife, but …if the shoe fits SO SORRY (not). When a reporter asks a question to hurt someone or their friends then they take the chance of being hurt themselves, especially if it is like salt in a raw wound. I know for a fact my grandson has great respect for the NC Team as he has played summer ball with some of them. Tyler Zeller is from Indiana as well and Scott played with him in the Junior/Senior All Star games in Indiana when they were Tyler a Senior and Scott a junior. I am sure the NC Team all have grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and other extended family who would not like their family disparaged as you have done to my grandson. WELL, I for one would like to say the Tar Heel team is full of very nice young men as the Wolfpack also are!.. Matt your journalistic abilities have come into question as it seems you have turned your website into one of those rags that will publish anything just to be hurtfull. You will not hear any disparaging comments from your coach and the wolfpack coach either; they have more integrity in their little fingers than you have in your whole body. And for all information My grandson has no idea I am about to post this on Facebook. Good Luck Tar Heels! Best Luck to the Wolf Pack!

    • Matt

      hahaha I hope you are “Scott Wood’s Grams” and I’m sure Scott isn’t the worst person in the world either. But seriously, the comments he made were some of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard an athlete say. He sounded like he was Ron Artest or Manny Ramirez or something. If you are his “Grams” then call him and tell him he’s an adult and he should learn how to lose like a man. As for your bashing of the site, you obviously don’t spend much time on sports sites/blogs. 98% of what KIH publishes is coverage of the team or NCAA sports. The other, we’re discussing our rivals, especially when they do stupid stuff. It’s not my fault Scott served his bashing up on a platter for me. Go look around the national media, plenty of highly respected journalists and publications crushed Scott Wood.

  • KIH Matt


    Listen the kid is a good player but he’s a jackass for making the comments he made point blank buddy. And Roy was asked by the NC State coach to walk off and thought the walk on’s were told 2 go also. Give it a rest, how can u defend that moron?